About us

Our Mission

The mission of the Community Playhouse of Northport is to provide engaging opportunities for families and individuals who have a shared passion for live theater. Whether on stage, in the orchestra, or behind the scenes as member of our production staff or crew, we strive to present quality, affordable, hands-on learning experiences in all aspects of theater in a fun, creative, inclusive and supportive environment. This unique year-round framework of collaborative and culturally enriched activities brings people from diverse backgrounds together while inspiring, training and cultivating the next generation of theater artists.

Our Background

The Community Playhouse of Northport is a not-for-profit community theater that was founded in the Spring of 2022 by a dedicated group of theater families with a collective mission of ensuring that the opportunity for community theater would continue in Northport for anyone with a shared passion of live theater, whether on stage, behind the scenes, in pit or in the audience.

As we continue to grow and build our new community theater, we hope all of you, our families and audience members will also become a part of our theater family.  We greatly appreciate your support as patrons of the arts with sponsorships, playbill ads, merchandise for our raffle baskets, and of course monetary donations are always welcome. We would love it if you would consider organizing a fundraiser for us! Our performers always appreciate a full house, so come back for another performance…bring a friend- share our show information with an organization you are affiliated with- contact us about group sales, especially for girl scout and boy scout troupes!

And finally, consider getting involved and giving us a little of your time and talents.  WE NEED YOU.  In order for our theater troupe to survive and thrive, we need a village of volunteers. There are so many ways you can support us, so no need to fear overcommitting yourself. We will match your schedule to a task, your skill set and your interests. With that said, we are also seeking individuals who are interested in leadership and would like the opportunity to chair a committee or serve as a future board member. It is our hope that we build deep roots and have a vibrant and successful community theater that will flourish for generations!

Please email us if you would like to support us in any way or to volunteer: communityplayhousenorthport1@gmail.com



The Community Playhouse of Northport welcomes all within the Northport and surrounding geographical areas to be a part of this new not-for-profit community theater. Whether on stage as a performer, in the pit as a musician, behind the scenes as part of the production staff or stage crew, or as a member of our audience, our collaborative efforts celebrate the joy of experiencing live theater.

The Community Playhouse of Northport will rely on the generosity of local businesses, community members and patrons of the arts, along with fundraisers throughout the year, in order to maintain quality and affordable year-round theatrical productions and operate our summer camp program. The long term goal of our fundraising initiatives will be to reduce participation fees, supplement the cost of costume fees, fund facility improvements and lower ticket prices. In addition CPN will offer several scholarships to children with financial hardships to attend our summer camp program.